Biggest Pet Peeves

Everyone has pet peeves from gum smacking to crazy pen clickers.

In a few seconds you are going to read some of mine.

If you would like to share any of yours, leave a comment below 😀

1. Selfie Sunday

I think it’s so dumb. Especially when it comes to peace signs and duck faces -_-

2. Bribing Teachers

I hate it when teachers are bribing students. They say it’s more of an incentive, but I find it as bribery. Kids go NUTS over candy or gum if they are told that they will recieve it if they do this and that. They are never going to learn how to do it just because.


Am I the only one that finds this as the most ANNOYING thing on this planet? o.o

4. Crowd

I love to draw. I’m pretty good at it as well 😀 but when it comes to a heap of kids hovering over me watching me draw, I wish that I could do it in peace.

5. Gossip

I have even found MYSELF doing this. Fortunatly I’m trying to keep to myself. But I just HATE it when I see prissy little girls gossiping about someone and giggling when the victim is RIGHT there! I hate it even MORE when they are talking in another language, which makes me terribly paranoid.

6. Decisions

This goes both ways. Sometimes I don’t know what I wanna do, so I go ask my friend or my parents or my teachers or something. I ask them, “What should I do?” and then I get, “Oh whatever you want.” I’m just like, I DON’T KNOW WHAT I WANT! -_- Also I hate it when people just take thier time trying to make a decision or they just say, “I dunno.”

7. The Standers

This is probably the worst one on the list for me. It happens alot at school. You see, I am a bus rider now. I have to go on it after school right when my electives are over. Unfortunatly, my last one is at the back of the school (the buses are at the front) which means I have to walk for a long time to get to my bus. And the “goody goody” I am, I never want to be late, so I freak out and rush. But of course 95% of the people don’t even care about you. They know you are in a rush but they are all like, ‘Hey Im just gonna stand in your way and make YOU move… not me! :D’ I hate to confront people and tell them to move or shut up, but one time I told a rude seventh grader to freakin’ move! He KNEW I was going to be late for my bus but he just stood there, lookin’ at me like, “What? O.o” ERGHH I ‘strongly dislike’ those kind of people -_-

8. Hipster Wannabe’s

Ew. I show my love for some pretty hipster stuff, but I am NOT a wannabe. I just find it soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooannoying when I see girls act like they love mustaches and wear nerd glasses and make peace signs and their saying, “I’m TOTES a hipster!!!! ;D”

9. Censorship

When TV shows blur out the middle finger and think you will never know it was a middle finger.

10. Sagging and Shorty Shorts.

Yeah. Welcome to the 21st century. Where every teenage boy sags their pants to their ankles and girls have their shorts hiked up to their back. Butts.


So yeahhhh…

I hope I don’t sound too whiny xD

But I thought I should share them with you…. O.o

buh- bye!



f i o n a

This is my newest and last doll, Fiona!
Yes, I bought her with my own money.. 🙂
She is literally my favorite doll! 😀 (next to Lanie, of course!)
There is this one thing that is really bugging me.
It’s called uneven hair.
Yeah it’s kinda getting annoying.. :/
I don’t know if it’s my curling skills or American Girl.
But it’s okay, it’s nothing TO FREAK OUT ABOUT.
Now, le FAQ:

What camera?
It’s my Mom’s Pentax.

Isn’t that Ruthie?
Yep. But I don’t like that name, so I renamed her.

How did you get her hair so curly?
Just finger curling 😉

Midnight City- M83

That’s It! ^-^

Like it?
Tell me in the comments! 😀